Kyoto, Nishiki Market, Okuniya Unajuu Event

Unagi is a type of eel that has been a delicacy in Japan since ancient times. Documents from the Heian Period (794-1185) suggest that unagi was grilled without seasoning and eaten with salt. This way of eating unagi is called shirayaki and it is very popular, but the most exemplary way of eating unagi is known as kabayaki, which is when you take an unagi, put a hole in it, put unagi sauce in the hole, and grill the unagi over charcoal. The taste of the unagi sauce depends on the region.
Kyushu’s unagi restaurants use an unagi sauce that is rather sweet, Kansai’s unagi restaurants use unagi sauce that is light in flavor, and Kanto’s unagi restaurants use unagi sauce that has a stronger flavor than Kansai’s. Also, making unagi sauce does not take a short amount of time. It is a process that involves adding and mixing several ingredients at a time. When an unagi restaurant goes through this process, they make their own unagi sauce with their own unique flavor.
Every unagi restaurant nurtures their own unagi sauce. This is what makes unagi sauce so interesting.

We are holding an event for unagi in March 2019 at Kokage. We have invited Mr. Kunio Yamaoka, who is the third-generation owner of Okuniya, a restaurant of freshwater fish cuisine located in the oldest food market of Japan: Nishiki Market, Kyoto. Okuniya was established in 1916. Their unagi and unagi sauce that they have “nurtured” with a lot of care will be airlifted from the town of Isshiki, Aichi, which is said to have the best unagi in Japan. This is the first time we are holding an event in America for Japanese unagi. Please come over and have a taste of our centennial Japanese unagi and unagi sauce.

(125 East 39th Street, New York, NY 10016)

March 14th, 2019: Only Dinner
15-16th: Lunch and Dinner
17th: Only Lunch

  • Shirayaki Unagi(Half) $20
  • Unadon (Half) $35
  • Unajuu (Whole) $65
  • Pickle Assortment $12
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