Chef Naito "Yōu-shoku" & Long Island at Kokage

Japan has a lot of emblematic traditional food. Sushi is well-known, but also soba and the formal kaiseki-ryōri multi-course dinner are good examples.
Recently ramen has also become popular and is praised by people all over the world. This summer we will be featuring "Yōu-shoku" for our customers at Kokage to enjoy.

"Yōu-shoku" or "Western-style food" originated in the second half of the 19th century in restaurants catering to Western people in Japan. "Yōu-shoku" dishes have been evolving into a unique style for more than a century, cherished by Japanese all over the country they remain immensely popular until this day.

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Kokage is proud to invite Executive Chef Takehiko Naito from Petit Restaurant Naito, a Kyoto-based popular "Yōu-shoku" restaurant. He will present a special menu paired with local wines and beer from Long Island NY.

August 23rd - 26th

Lunch 12:00 - 2:00pm
Dinner 6:00 - 10:00pm

Breaded pork cutlet with salad and rice $23
Breaded pork cutlet curry with Salad $23
"Yōu-shoku" Combo: Breaded pork cutlet, breaded shrimp, hamburger steak with salad and rice $38
Potato salad with summer truffles on top $16

"We make beer in a small craft brewery at the very end of Long Island."

"The Macari family is dedicated to producing balanced, age-worthy wines."

"Pure symphony of the senses, elegant ballet of tiny bubbles, the perfect harmony between soul and people."

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