Okeei event


Okeei, specializing for 130 years in a woodwork technique that is known as Edo Yuioke, was founded during the Meiji period (1888) in Fukagawa, Tokyo.

Without any kind of coating, making use of only wooden joints, the unique Edo Yuioke technique assures not a drop of water leakage.

Okeei primarily works with wood from 300-year-old Japanese cypress trees such as Sawara and Hinoki.

We will be holding an Okeei Exhibition and Pop-Up Shop at Kajitsu, taking pre-orders as well as presenting how to use their products. We will also be displaying their products that are handmade in the tradition of the 400-year-old Edo Yuioke technique.


Date : March 3rd to 5th
Time : 12:00pm to 8:00pm
Place : Kajitsu

Okeei : http://okeei.jp
For more information about the Okeei Exhibition and Pop-Up Shop : info@officebead.com

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