"Kakigori" by Nakamuraken

Kakigori Kakigori

In preparation for the upcoming heat wave, we will be featuring "Kakigori" from 29th July - 2nd August 2015. "Kakigori," also known as shaved ice, is a common treat we enjoy in Japan during summer seasons. The finely carved ice is flavored with a variation of syrups. This summer, Nakamuraken, a Kyoto-based confectionery maker that has been around in business since 1883 will be creating a special flavor for our customers at Kajitsu and Kokage to enjoy. This cooling dessert will be made available during our lunch hours, please refer to our hours below to coordinate your visit.

In addition to Kakigori, we will be introducing new desserts such as sweet dumplings called "Wakaayu," a block a sweetened jellied beans coated in a soft flour paste called "Kintsuba," and a refreshing rendition of plum jelly. All desserts will be served alongside with hot Hoji tea.

Feel free to stop by to escape the city heat and enjoy these refreshing desserts.

July 29th – August 2nd
Time&Place: For lunch plus Kakigori – 11:45-1:45(LC) at Kokage,
Only for Kakigori – 12:00-4:00(LC) at Kajitsu, 3:00-4:00(LC) at Kokage, close at 4:30
Price: Shiratama Uji Kintoki with hot Hoji tea $10, Rhubarb flavored with hot Hoji tea $10,
Wakaayu, Kintsuba, Plum jelly with hot Hoji tea $8.5, for to go $3.5 each
※Wakaayu & Kintsuba - limited 50 orders, Plum jelly – limited 90 orders.

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