Hands, Bamboo and Tin:
Shoji Imai and Yoshimichi Yoshida

Kyoto Sweets by Kagizen Yoshifusa

As summer approaches and to celebrate the end of yet another long winter,
Kajitsu will be hosting a two man exhibition titled,
"Hands, Bamboo and Tin: Shoji Imai and Yoshimichi Yoshida," this May at Kokage.

Widely used in furniture and kitchenware,
bamboo and tin are traditional elements found in the Japanese household.
This exhibition displaces these ordinary objects,
permitting outside audiences to see the private in the public.

Born and bred in Osaka, a region in Japan that harbors the best of tin craftsmen,
it comes with no surprise that Shoji Imai possesses the dexterity to create bold and strong tin objects.
His work is timeless and in being so, adapts to any environment.

Similar to Imai, Yoshimichi Yoshida has his roots in Osaka,
though received much of his bamboo arts training in Oita.
Yoshida’s work is intricate and clearly conveys his intuitive talents in weaving and design.

Together, Imai and Yoshida communicate the historical and social significance of the bamboo and tin in Japanese culture.
The collaboration between the two masters sheds a light on the subtleties and nuances ordinary objects contain.

We hope you will join us in uncovering the hidden in the habitual.

Exhibition dates : May 13 - May 17 2015
Open Hour : 12:00 to 16:30
Place : Kajitsu

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