Exhibition: "Living with Today"by Antiques & Art: Masa

The EXHIBITION of Uemura Yoshitsugu´s world

Masa started the gallery "Antiques & Art: Masa" in Kyoto with a hope he could share the items that could give people happiness in their everyday life.
The gallery exhibits antique as well as modern art works that can fit in our contemporary everyday life,
such as vases, pots, cups, glasses, etc. Although they are beautiful art works and tools made or designed by craftsmen in the past, they can be actually used or placed in our modern home and entertain us day after day.

Masa looks forward to sharing with people in New York both antique and modern pieces from his home country, Japan. It is his hope that people will find happiness in their everyday life through the beautiful art works.

Exhibition dates: Saturday March 15th to Saturday 22nd
Open hours: 14.00 to 18:00
Place: Kokage
I will be present during all open hours.




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