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The EXHIBITION of Uemura Yoshitsugu´s world

We are delighted to announce the first event to be held at our new location, a commemorative workshop and exhibition featuring Uemura Yoshitsugu´s renowned Suhama.

Uemura Yoshitsugu was established in 1657 and is the only company of its kind, solely devoted to making the traditional Japanese confection known as Suhama.
It’s a family of sweets composed of roasted soybean flour and a simple starch-based syrup.
We’ll be spotlighting their quintessential Suhama, the signature Kasuga No Mame, along with their famed oshimono.

The literal meaning of oshimono, “things that are pressed”, hints at the process by which they are made.
But the Uemura Yoshitsugu interpretation is unique in all of Japan. It was invented and developed by Mr. Uemura Yoshio, the company´s current master,
and comprises two separate elements. First, a metal casting mold is used to press suhama into the form of seasonal flowers. These are then suspended in a bed of rakugan, another traditional confection made with rice flour and sugar.
The result is reminiscent of a traditional woodblock print, with exquisite displays of luminous seasonal flowers radiating from the plane, recalling the living beauty of traditional Japan.

The master, Mr. Uemura The master, Mr. Uemura, is 75 years old, though his interest in everything new – his adept handling of the iPad and other tech gadgets rivals his expertisein the kitchen – his lighthearted demeanor,
and his endless curiosity about “what’s next”, all belie his age. In Kyoto he’s known as more than an artisan in the field of confection, he’s regarded as someone centered in the ongoing flow of culture.

Sadly, his stewardship of Uemura Yoshitsugu will close the curtain on its history.
Mr. Uemura doesn’t have a successor who can take its venerable reins, and so he alone must bring to an end this centuries-old brand.
This is the first, and likely the last exhibition ever devoted to Uemura Yoshitsugu.

For that reason we hope that New Yorkers and visitors from everywhere will come to celebrate the life of this beautiful, simple confection, and view it with the joy that has met its presence for more than three hundred fifty years!

Shuichiro Kobori, Kajitsu

10th-14th September 2013 HOURS_14:00-17:00
Place: Kajitsu Restaurant
Admission: Free

A set of Kasuga no Mame (bean-shaped candies) and tea by Ippodo will be served at $6.

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