"Craft of Silverware and Glassware by Japanese Designers"

Craft of Silverware and Glassware by Japanese Designers

An Exhibition of Silverware and Glassware by Japanese Designers
Date: June 14 - June 19, 2011 (Event has ended)
Time: 12pm - 3pm
Place: Kajitsu Restaurant @ 414 E 9th Street, New York, NY 10009
Contact: 212-228-4873
Admission: Free

Kajitsu will be hosting an exhibition and sales of elaborately designed silverware and glassware from Japan.

The featured silverware is designed by Nobuo Takatani, a goldsmith who resides in Nara prefecture, Japan.
Most of his works are made for everyday household use and highly praised in Japan.
For this opportunity we will be exhibiting his silverware collections including spoons, sake carafes and other beautifully crafted items for both home and restaurant use.

**The artist will be attending the exhibition from Japan on Tuesday, June 14th.**

The glassware is from Sokichi, a glass shop located in old downtown Asakusa, Tokyo.
Sokichi consistently challenges in creating new and different styles of glassware and is also well known for making extremely thin glasses. Kajitsu will be exhibiting beautifully designed glasses hand cut by
Edo-Kiriko, master glass cutters who use the traditional glass cutting method that has been handed down in Edo, old Tokyo in the 19th century.

*During the exhibition we will also be open for lunch service from 12pm to 3pm (L.O. 2:30pm).
The lunch will be served on a first come, first serve basis since there is limited seating.

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