"Uchiwa: Summer of Old Kyoto"

Uchiwa: Summer of Old Kyoto Uchiwa: Summer of Old Kyoto

The Exhibition of Traditional Japanese Paper Fans

Date: July 7 – July 12 (Event has ended)
Time: 12pm – 3pm

Kajitsu Restaurant
414 E 9th Street, New York, NY 10009
Contact: 212-228-4873

Kajitsu presents the exhibition “Uchiwa: Summer of Old Kyoto” from July 7 to July 12.
This exhibition features a collection of traditional Kyoto style paper fans produced by “Kyo-Uchiwa Aiba,” the oldest fan maker in Japan.
*During the exhibition hours, Kajitsu will be open for tea.

Kyo-Uchiwa Aiba

Aiba, established in 1689, is the oldest paper fan maker in Japan and the only one that produces Kyoto-style paper fans.
They used to supply the Imperial Court and the Royal Family of Japan.

Uchiwa, a paper fan, which has been used to cool one’s face, was believed to blow away evils and was used in various rituals.
Aiba produces paper fans for practical use but they are mainly used for decorative and artistic purposes; therefore, they are often sold as summer-time gifts.

Because of the development of modern home appliances, the functional purpose of Uchiwa has almost been diminished, yet it is still considered as a signature summer article in Japan.

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